Underpinning is important, the stability of your buildings foundations are imperative. If your foundations are weak, they could compromise the stability of your whole building.

Mass Concrete Underpinning

This method has been around for almost 100 years and is considered to be the 'traditional method'. This method is done by manually digging beneath the existing foundations and strategically filling the holes with cement, effectively creating a second foundation. This technique is generally used at shallow depths, however it can still be effective even at 50 feet deep.

Beam and Base Underpinning

This is a much more advanced method in comparison to Mass Concrete. Beam and Base Underpinning is done by creating a concrete beam above, below or in replacement of the existing foundation. This beam will transfer the mass of the building into concrete bases, strategically designed and located to take the weight. The size and depth of these bases is determined by the condition of the ground, and the beam is determined by the mass they are expected to hold.

Expanding Resin Injection

This technique is relatively new, being around for only 30 years. This is done by injecting structural resins and hardeners into the ground beneath the foundations, this causes the resins and hardener to mix which triggers a chemical reaction that causes the solution to expand. Whilst expanding, this mixture will fill in any crevices and compact any weak soil. If the mixture is continued to be added this could be use to raise and re-level the structure.
This method requires no excavation and is known to be clean, causing minimal disruption.

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