How to Make The Most Of Your Floorboards

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We all have them, but how can we inject some love back into our floorboards. Whether they’re covered in carpet or vinyl, we’ve covered them up for years, but how can you make the most of what you already have?


Why spend money on expensive wood flooring when what you have is right under your feet. Literally. With a couple of hours hard work your old, unloved floorboards could look like new, expensive wood flooring. You just need a sander and some elbow grease and you’ll be on your way to a new-look flooring.


There are so many coloured varnishes on the market now to give your floorboards the colour you want, whether its a deep cherry, or a light honey, you can customise your floor colour to compliment your walls. Try a cherry with dar grey walls or a clear varnish for a light and hygge- inspired look. Top Top: between layers of varnish, lightly sand and mop to give a hard and durable finish.


Why just stop at varnish? Paint your floor to match, or contrast with your walls. This method looks great if you have paneling that matched the floor and a contrasting colour on the top part of the walls. It’s perfect for light and neutral flooring in nurseries and lounges, to give a neutral and cosy feel without breaking the bank.

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