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Landscaping is a very broad term, it can mean everything from changing your garden to flattening a hill. When most people think about landscaping we envision beautiful gardens with a lawn of healthy green grass complete with a swimming pool, gravel patterns and hedge sculptures.

Stone and Gravel in your garden

Stone and gravel are the main materials used in landscaping. They can be used together to create beautiful patterns as in the example above the sun. Gravel and Stone are popular among many home owners as they are very low maintenance yet amazing to look at. Many people enjoy the sound of crunching gravel as they walk across, colours ranging from; red, white, icey blue, grey, black, golden and silver.

Garden Hedge Sculptures

Hedge Sculptures are highly sought after, they bring the whole garden to life. Though sometimes they can take some work maintaining, they are certainly beautiful and the best part is that they can be anything you desire. These are great for big gardens as they take up a large amount of space and turn it into a work of art.


Flowers really make your garden what it is. They add so much colour while filling up quite a lot of space. Some people create patterns, others recreate pictures by rearranging different types of flowers to get the right colour scheme. Flowerbeds which are positioned in a good place and kept neat are what makes something good, something great.

Garden Ponds

A garden pond is a great way to add some wildlife to your garden. If the pond is deep enough you could introduce some fish, brightly coloured fish are easily visible from above a shallow pond and would offer a next level of beauty. It is highly recommended that pond owners use some sort of filter or a Pleco Fish which feeds mostly on algae and will keep your pond clean.

Need help with Landscaping?

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