Carpet Fitting Tips

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Carpet fitting is a trade and a service that we offer. When it comes to carpet fitting we do it tremendously well, this is because our fitters are really good and have had plenty of experience in the past.

Fitting a carpet is pretty simple when you’re reading it, but when it comes to the action it proves to be quite difficult. Here are 7 steps to fitting your carpet.


Step 1 – Remove Old Carpet

Remove the old carpet, brush it and make sure it’s rather clean then cut it up into strips of 18 to 24 inches, once you have done that, roll it up as people recycle carpets and can use it for other things.

Step 2 – Lay the Underpad

Put the underpad down in strips that overlap the tackless strips. Then staple the underlay down along the inside edge of the tackless strip. Trim the excess underlay along the inside of the tackless strip and use duct tape to seal the seams.

Step 3 – Measure and Cut the Carpet

You need to start with a piece that overlaps the edge of the floor by four to six inches. The overlay can then be trimmed so the carpet fits properly. To cut your first section, measure the room at its longest point and add six inches to that measurement. Mark the back of your carpet on both edges with that measurement and join the two marks with a chalk line. Fold the carpet over on itself, and using a straight edge and a sharp utility knife, cut through the backside of your carpet.

 Step 4 – Attach the Carpet

Use a knee kicker to attach the carpet along one edge, place the toothed end of the kicker about three inches from the wall and drive your knee forcefully into the padded end of the tool. This will stretch the carpet over the tackless strip where the tacks will grab it and hold it firmly in place. A carpet stretcher will finish attaching the carpet. Put one end of the carpet stretcher against the wall where the carpet is already attached and place the other end about six inches from the far wall. Work your way around the room stretching the carpet over the tackless strips, and trim the carpet near the wall with a utility knife or a wall trimmer.

Step 5 – finish up

Using a stair tool, tuck the carpet down into the gap between the tackless strips and the wall. At the doorway, trim the carpet so the edge is centered under the closed door and install a door edge strip. Finally, cut any vent openings and reinstall the molding on the baseboards.


Thanks for taking time to read our carpet fitting blog. If you feel confident on using these tips go ahead. You need to make sure you have all the equipment you need though. I would recommend that you get somebody professional to fit the carpet (Like our selves) as they would get it is done faster and to a better standard.

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