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Painting and decorating may sound simple, however there are a few things to consider when doing it professionally. You always want to achieve the best finish, so you need to make sure that you are using the correct paint and the correct brushes for the appropriate job.

Assessing the wall

If you paint a wall without assessing it first, it could incur some problems. For example if you haven't brushed the wall before you paint it, there could be dust particles getting clumped in the paint. Once the paint has dries, the wall could have a bumpy/rough texture to it which is very unprofessional.

An example of a problem with the wall which could affect a professional finish is if the wall is cracked. You could just paint over cracks, or you could go the extra mile for your customer and fill those in and you wont even need a plasterer. By using Acrylic Caulk, you can fill those cracks, quickly and easily. Caulk is used by cutting the nozzle until it is slightly bigger than the crack you want to fill and then squeezing it in, smoothing over using a pointing tool (or finger) and then waiting for it to cure. Once cured you can paint over with emulsion.

Types of Paint

Many people go by the assumption that paint is paint and they all do the same job. This assumption is false, emulsion is great, it is cheap and great for covering large areas however it doesn't leave that shiny look that many of us have come to expect. Gloss is used on door frames and skirting boards, it leaves a shiny look and is very difficult to paint over with anything other than gloss. This type of paint is only really used for highlights because it is more expensive and it comes in a smaller tin, but its well worth it for that professional finish we all love.

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