Howard Builders based in Darlington, County Durham are professionals in guttering installation. Guttering is important to have in every home, used to funnel water from your roof tops down into a drain in the floor. The function is simple however it prevents the rain water running directly from the roof to the floor, and/or in some cases onto the top of your head as you leave home.

There are a few different types of gutters, and materials that they can be created from. For example:

Zinc - This type of Guttering is the most durable and it will never rust. You will never need to paint it either as over time it will develop a patina. However in order to install this you would need a professional installer as any joints would have to be welded together. Zinc Guttering is the most expensive guttering but it is also the best.

Copper and Aluminium - These types of guttering wont need to be welded together, and they will never rust. However they are not as durable as the Zinc. Copper and Aluminium arent as expensive to buy as Zinc would be.

Steel - Durable and rust resistant. However over time the steel may begin to rust but that will take between 5 and 10 years. Steel is also less expensive than the Zinc option and will not need to be welded for installation.

Vinyl - A DIYers choice. Light weight, and inexpensive however they may crack in severe cold.

PVC-U - A cost effective solution for both new and refurbished use. PVC has gutter seal retaining clips for a fast user friendly experience.

Here are some pictures of different types of Guttering.

In our opinion, guttering is very important. No one wants to wake up to a face full of rain water free falling from their roof tops in the morning. If you would like to speak to someone about guttering call us on 01325 364 045 and speak to one of our team. Alternatively you could email us using our enquiry form from our Contact page.

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