Bricklayers Tools

Brick Laying Tool Requirements

A Brick Layer is a fundamental part of Build, Maintain & Improve. This is especially true when it comes to property development or any kind of extension.

Spirit Level

A spirit level is used to ensure layed bricks are level. This helps to reduce the risk of leaning and possible collapse, another use is against the side of the brick to make sure that all bricks are inline and as close to level as possible.

Pointing Trowel

The Pointing Trowel is used to properly place cement in the right place and scrape any from the side of bricks in order to provide a professional finish.

Tape Measure

Tape Measures are used to ensure the Bricklayers Line is set at the correct height. This is crucial to completing work to specification

Brick Hammer and Chisel

A Brick Hammer is used with a chisel when reaching the end of a wall. On some ends you only need half of a brick which these two tools can be used to create by breaking a brick in half.


A Spade or Shovel is used to effectively mix Mortar ready for use. The Spade/Shovel can also be used to fill a bucket which is safer to use than such as a wheel barrow in higher areas.

Bricklayers Line and Pin

The Bricklayers Line is used to efficiently mark where the top level of brick should be, and then it can be pinned to the brick. This is much faster than having to use the tape measure again every few feet.

Hard Brush

A brush with hard bristles is used in order to remove any Mortar from the sides of any bricks before it sets and goes hard. This helps to create a professional finish which is easy on the eyes.


A large bucket can be used to take Mortar up to an upper level of a structure rather than a wheel barrow. This is also safer for the brick layer as the bucket will be much easier to manoeuvre.

Need a Brick Layer?

Here at Howards we have serviced many customers across the North East with their Brick Laying needs, as you will be able to see from our testimonials. If you are in need of a brick layer please dont hesitate to call us on 01325 364 045 or click here and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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